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Sandy with Ben Affleck in the movie “Forces of Nature”


Sandy with Ben Affleck in the movie “Forces of Nature”

I need to vent about something weighing on my heart at the moment.

A black woman comes through my return line… not really trying to give me the time of day when I attempt to greet her and just throws her bag at me. I look at the receipt and ask if she has her debit card because the company I work for has a system that requires your refund to go back the way it was purchased (cash=cash debit=debit credit=credit)
Now, I’m very used to people getting upset about this and the best thing I can do is tell them that is the policy, it’s on the back of the receipt and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. The woman is convinced she returned something before and got cash (I promise she did not) and precedes to go on and say that I’m a racist and if she had a different skin color I would give her cash back.

So because my skin color is lighter than hers and I couldn’t give her what she wanted that means I’m a racist.

The fact that some random ignorant woman hurt my feelings so much just pisses me off.

Rant over.
Race and ethnicity are not the thriving factors of unjust in the world.



*cha cha’s real smooth away from academic responsibilities*

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